I’m an experienced content marketing leader who loves storytelling, design, and data (yes, I’m a creative who loves digging into the numbers!).

My journey in marketing has been quite a ride. After spending 8+ years designing, building websites, and creating digital content for universities, I was inspired by the way social media marketing was changing our industry. So inspired that I took the leap into tech to work alongside some of the greatest creatives, builders, and thought-leaders shaping the way brands and businesses are engaging with and marketing to consumers.

Other loves include coffee, running, writing, fog, LEGO®, sci-fi TV/movies, art, Bay Area sports, and my five nephews.

What I’m Doing

  • Kicking my workouts up a few notches with T25
  • Seeking out spots I haven’t been to in San Francisco
  • Building LEGO® Creator Expert modular buildings

What I’m Reading

What I’m Playing

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Pikmin 3